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Hi BlackReign, I remembered you too. I'm not really sure what is the cause, I have tried to refresh the screen several times and yet it seems like I'll never be able to join a lobby that hasn't let me in in the first time. Sometimes I've been able to do it after reinitiating the whole game, but most of the times it isn't possible.

Today it has been a nightmare. As JF says, there wasn't (almost) any problem with online in PS3 regarding the joining of lobbies, I hope this is fixed the soonest possible,
So I noticed in the Glitches and Troubleshooting sticky thread there's a guy on the dev team called NotEnoughRed who says this is happening because of the following (also included a link to his comment in the thread:

"Just a quick one with the Error code: This was actually changed because of a technical requirement. We had to make the error codes super generic instead of actually providing error information. (Don't ask!)

If you're regularly getting an error code - it's almost 100% down to a NAT type problem, either the game you're trying to join is being hosted by someone with a NAT 2 or NAT 3 - or.. you have a NAT type of 2 or 3 and are trying to join a NAT 1 player.

If you look into changing your NAT to 1, you'll most likely see a reduction in these error messages. - Also, quite a lot of the time, "Game is full" will also generate this generic error message."

Link to his comment:

Hope this helps both you and JF.