Here's a list of the new additions, removals [yes some things got removed], changes [Card system changes] bug and glitch fixes.
Analog control mapping now working Whoopee!

Build 1.0.168 is now live, here are the patch notes!


Added "Automatically detect settings" to the settings menu.
Added camera shake effect when taking damage, can be tweaked in settings.
Added music selection screen to main menu so you can disable tracks you don't like. (temporary placement)
New Oforia music pack, 8 tracks.
New Dub Fx music pack, 13 tracks.
Python BOOST constant increased.
Craft rebalancing.
Reblance of Tech Credit rewards for completing events.


Weapons now cause some visual effects to happen when being hit.
Smoke Bomb effect tweaks.
Energy Bolt visuals tweaked.
Weapons no longer have enforced Utility/Offensive. You can now choose any weapon in any slot.
Weapon slots have 2 upgrade slots each.
Utility Weapons now have upgrade cards.
Removed Flares.
Removed Energy Leach.
Energy Bolts lifetime increased to 5 seconds from 3.
Shockwave should now apply impulses correctly in multiplayer.
Tank rework, tank now grants weapon damage immunity.


Shark Skins.
Pixel Skins.
The Beast Trail.
Samurai Skins.
Wonderkind Skins.
HotRod Skins.
OkMen Skins.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix to stop "Waiting for Players" to sometimes persist after race starts.
Updated a couple of icons that still used the placeholder icon.
Fixed a gate that was clipping through the track on Fiyah! Fury.
Performance fix to rain effect on track textures.
Fixed a bad mesh that was out of place on Fiyah! Fury.
Fixed a bad kill volume that was clipping through the track on Mannahatta.
Performance increases to multiple textures in the game.
Fixes to The Beast on Trans Atol Reverse.
Fixed some bad splines in Atlas Torres & Freeway.
Fixed a bug that caused player stats to not record Shots Fired correctly.
Performance fixes to various particle systems.
Fixed a bug that would cause "Card NONE has been removed" to be displayed when returning to main menu & the "Fromula" typo.
Fixed a bug that would cause the Loading Screen to not be displayed when joining a lobby from a steam invite.
Fixed a bug that would cause Mannahatta's lighting levels to be blinding on low settings.
Fixed a bug that caused controllers to vibrate constantly on Endurance mode.
Fixed a boost pad on Mannahatta that was clipping into the track.
Fixed an issue which caused disabled collisions in clean race to not work.
Fixed a bug which would cause the campaign to say "102%" when completed.
Fixed a bug in the garage which would occasionally cause a crash when changing cards.
Fixed a bug in the main menu which would occasionally cause a crash.
Perfomance fixed to Niagara.
Fixed a bug which caused rebinding analogue controls to become digital.
Default FPS cap is now unlimited with Vsync enabled. (will only affect first time installation).
Fixed a kill volume on Fiyah! Fury which was clipping through the track.
Fixed a bug which would cause you to get stuck at the results screen of The Beast event.
Fixed a bug which caused time trail ghosts to be recorded in all game modes.
Tweaked the resolution of the team videos in campaign.
Fixed perfect lap in multiplayer. Perfectionist Achievement is now attainable.
Fixed a bug that caused the "Shield Low" & "Health Low" notifications to not work correctly in multiplayer.
Performance fix to audio effects.
Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the event banner at the start of a race to not close correctly.
Fixed a bug which caused BOOST audio to play indefinitely sometimes.
Fixed a bug causing the UI to flicker when two racers get the same time on Speed Lap.

Known Issues:

Mannahatta track texture is bugged, will be fixed in a coming patch.
when returning to a lobby sometimes skins aren't applied correctly. Changing craft fixes this.

The leaderboards have been wiped for this update. This may happen again over the coming week or two, once we start the official racing seasons we will begin storing leaderboards on the Formula Fusion website.

We hope you all enjoy the update, see you on the track!