Hey everyone, BallisticNG 0.8 just came out so I thought I'd create this thread for any discussion related to it. You can check out the announcement here

To avoid making this post huge, here's the major key changes to the update:

  • Tutorial replaced with pilot assist and a hint system
  • A large amount of the game reprogrammed to retrofit in a new gamemode system - knockout and target being two new gamemodes in this release
  • New AI that simulate human input, can race on multiple racing lines and have re balanced difficulties
  • A large portion of the game's sounds have been updated, the game now routes its audio through the Unity audio mixer and a sonic boom effect was added
  • Updates to weapons including new effects, tweaks, fixes and the addition of the Hunter - a first place seeking cruise missile
  • Harpstone, Zephr Ridge, Aciknovae and Utah Project have had various updates, Luna is now complete
  • Modern wipeout physics (2280 mode) has been drastically improved