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Thread: Request for Players Met to be activated with the Omega Pack

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    Default Request for Players Met to be activated with the Omega Pack

    I used to use the 'Players Met' function of HD/FURY on the PS3 frequently, it used to work with all games automatically.
    That doesn't happen with the PS4, this function has to be activated by the games maker, and with the Omega Pack, it isn't active.

    A lot of the members of this forum probably would of first heard about it by somebody shooting them a message after a good online battle via the Players Met' function.
    You can't do that any more.
    You have to remember the persons PSNID, then type it out and send a message, with some peoples complicated PSNID's it just becomes a PITA so you don't bother.

    I think this instant messaging to somebody you just raced online was one of the major factors that brought a lot of people coming back to race again, and with the small online player base the Omega Pack has at the moment, it needs all the help it can get.

    I don't know if it can be activated by a game patch, I'm just hoping it can be, as I think it's needed.

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    hope this can be added

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