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    Default WipEout Timeline Redux V3.0

    So this is version 3.0 of the WipEout Timeline Redux, also known as the 2048 Timeline Redux, due to the fact that despite being a franchise reboot, 2048 still seems to stick to the established timeline (although not mechanics and aesthetics).

    This timeline also tries to explain when Fury takes place.

    Anyway, this is a complete rewrite, now including dates ^_^. This time, the timeline will be created in chunks, as I aim to add far more detail in than the previous version.

    Apparently my idea of "soon" is similar to Valve's. Sorry about the stupidly long wait between the A.G.R.C. & F3600 sections.

    Pre-A.G.R.C (2004 - 2047)

    2004 - (January 17th) - Pierre Belmondo is born in France.

    2012 - Kel Solaar is born in Russia.

    2014 - John Dekka is born in the USA.

    2015 - The European Union transforms into the European Federation.

    2016 - Paul Jackson is born in Britain.

    2017 - The Foundation for European Anti-Gravity Research (FEAGR) is created.

    2021 - Belmondo drops out of university to join FEAGR full time.

    2022 - FEAGR joins the World Anti-Gravity Research Congress (WAGRC), funded by the World Technology Symposium (WTS).

    2023 - Daniel Chang is born in China.

    2024 - Belmondo is named Director of FEAGR.

    - The WTS discontinues the WAGRC, forcing FEAGR to operate on a smaller budget. Belmondo continues his research regardless.

    2025 - The United States of America standardises its state legislature: As a result, each state is renamed to (Prefix) State. The state of New York is renamed to Nova State, and New York City renamed to Nova State City.

    2027 - The Statue of Liberty collapses, after the structure buckles after years of abuse from the wind and waves. Nova State officals announce that a new stature will be built to replace it.

    2028 - Belmondo discovers how to manipulate AG fields, and begins work on a prototype AG craft.

    2030 - Sofia De La Rente is born in France.

    - Arial and Arian Tetsuo are born in Japan.

    2035 - The Angel in Flight is constructed, to fill the space left by the Statue of Liberty.

    - (April 14th) - Belmondo completes the first successful flight of an AG craft in the Nevada Desert.

    2036 - After the demonstration of a successful AG flight, the European Federation funds the creation of the Federal European Industrial Science and Research (FEISAR).

    2040 - Anti-Gravity Systems, the commercial arm of FEAGR, is founded, with Belmondo being named Director.

    2042 - FEAGR folds. AG-Systems are bought out by a Japanese consortium, leaving FEISAR as Europe's main AG research and development organisation.

    2044 - Brazilian companies Hana and Pir merge to form Pir-Hana, and focus on AG research and development.

    - Pir-Hana sponsors the creation of the Anti-Gravity Federation (AGF).

    - The AGF is convinced by Belmondo to create the Anti-Gravity Race Commision (ARC). ARC is founded with datacast celebrity Dirk Breakwater as chief executive.

    2045 - After a series of public disputes between Holst McQueen and Delia Flaubert over the future of AG-Systems, Belmondo is forced to dismiss both from the company.

    - McQueen approaches Qirex Industries, and convinces them to create an AG racing team.

    2046 - In response to the creation of Qirex, Flaubert founds Auricom Research Industries.

    2047 - The ARC invites various organisations to participate in the upcoming Anti-Gravity Racing Championships (A.G.R.C.). Auricom, AG-Systems, FEISAR, Qirex, and Pir-Hana accept the invitation.

    - Nova State City officials approach the ARC and offers to host an anti-gravity racing league. The ARC Gladly accepts the invitation.

    A.G.R.C (2048 - 2050)

    2048 - FEISAR completes work on their prototype craft, and begins pre-season testing on the Empire Climb circuit.

    - The inaugural A.G.R.C. season commences in Nova State City, with the Queen's Mall, Empire Climb, Metro Park, Unity Square and Capital Reach circuits in race rotation.

    - AG-Systems wins the 2048 season of the A.G.R.C.

    - Pir-Hana completes work on their prototype craft, and begins pre-season testing on the Sol circuit.

    2049 - The 2049 season of the A.G.R.C commences, with the Rockway Stadium, Downtown, Subway, Unity Square, Metro Park and Queen's Mall circuits in race rotation.

    - B Class events are added to the season timetable.

    - Qirex wins the 2049 season of the A.G.R.C.

    2050 - Auricom completes work on their prototype craft, and begins pre-season testing on the Downtown circuit.

    - Qirex completes work on their prototype craft, and begins pre-season testing on the Empire Climb circuit.

    - AG-Systems completes work on their prototype craft, and begins pre-season testing on the Rockway Stadium circuit.

    - The final season of the A.G.R.C. commences, with the Altima, Sol, Downtown, Subway, Empire Climb, Rockway Stadium, Queen's Mall, and Capital Reach circuits in race rotation.

    - A class events are added to race rotation.

    - Rumours circulate that Pir-Hana may withdraw from Anti-Gravity racing, after a Chinese business conglomerate expresses interest in purchasing the company.

    - Health & Safety officials raise concerns over the reliability of the Mag-Lock technology used in some of the race circuits.

    - Pir-Hana wins the 2050 season of the A.G.R.C. This marks the end of the A.G.R.C.

    Post-A.G.R.C. (2051 - 2052)

    2051 - Belmondo calls for the standardization of anti-gravity racing, and quickly gains support from the ARC due to the spectacular cost of replacing destroyed craft.

    - The ARC officially reveals the F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League. This league will be far less violent than the A.G.R.C., but will be much faster to compensate.

    - (November 21st) - Altima finishes reconstruction to be compatible with the upcoming F3600 league.

    2052 - All tracks that are to be included in the F3600 have finished construction.

    - Pir-Hana are bought out by a Chinese business conglomerate, and cease work on developing AG craft. They instead begin work on developing brake technology to sell to the other teams.

    F3600 (2052 - 2080)

    2052 - The inaugural F3600 season commences, with the Altima, Karbonis, Terramax, Korodera, Arridos & Silverstream circuits in race rotation.

    2054 - AG-Systems Pilot Daniel Chang receives a threatening datamail from an anonymous source, telling him to leave AG racing entirely. The datamail was later backtraced to a Chinese IP.

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