Mooney, NotEnoughRed, other devs....
Any chance you can bring back the in-race leaderboard in tournament mode in a future update?
It was such a vital component of the game, IMO, being able to see where you ranked relative to other ships, especially late in the tournament.
And now in Omega, it seems like ships get destroyed more frequently, so it would be really helpful to see which ship isn't there anymore, b/c right now we have NO idea which ship got destroyed.
But basically, in ps3, you knew how hard you had to push it based on the other ships' positions. Now, you have no idea, except for when you see the other ships on the track.

I thought maybe you did away with this feature completely, but then I tried Eliminator Mode and it was there again (even though the font was pretty small) so it seems like it would be something we could have again.
Btw, I'm referring to the HD/Fury game, but I'm sure it would be helpful on 2048 as well.
Would LOVE to see this brought back in a future update. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying the game! Great job!!