Hello all. It has been a while since there was a huge community-based event. Why not kick off omega with some love?

As a way to encourage new pilots to hang in there and as a way to respark interest, I propose a tournament! So here are the rules: team based. Pilots will make teams based on either 2 or 4 pilots. Teams much be matched up evenly with half the team owning transcendence trophies, and the other half not having ever got one and fairly new to the game preferably.

Each race will award points to the winner of each tier, with a bonus if the new pilot beats a pro. So a pro will get 8 points for beating the other pros, and the newer pilot will get 8 points logged for beating the other newer players. To make it interesting, any new pilot that beats a pro gets a bonus 2 points as long as the pro is on the opposing team. Also to keep with the theme, 1 point will be awarded for any eliminations. This provides newer pilots with more than ample opportunity to win the match when their pro falls short and I think it will really help with the team feel. Any eliminations on your own team members will apply -2 points. Look before you shoot.

Since the while idea is team work and bridging the generations here, I will let everyone know the schedule ahead of time to encourage team practice and allow the pros out there to pass on their knowledge of short cuts.

To make sure that someone doesn't cheat and join as secret pro as a new pilot, anyone caught doing that will have an 8 point penalty for each cheated race they participate in. I'll be able to tell who is and is not a new pilot because I've been racing long before omega and I know who was here in 2012 and 2013 in the glory days of both hd and 2048.

You can pick your own teams and I'd like to have 4 on 4 matches. If I need to go to 2, we can do that also. Teams of 2 might be good if fewer people sign up and teams of 4 will work better if more people sign up. Towards the end, if the top two teams are within 8 points of each other, that will be a playoff round where winner takes all. In the event of a tie, there will be an over time round that will be more challenging and randomly selected from a predetermined list. You will want to avoid this, I will make them as hard as I can.