Hello everyone, I might need a bit help here with WO2048.

WO2048 is a completely new game for many who never owned a PlayStation Vita. I wouldnít have guessed it from footage alone, but now that both WOHD (Fury) and WO2048 are packed into one collection, itís quite apparent how different these two games handle.

I figured WO2048 would be more forgiving considering its wider tracks. But itís quite the opposite if youíre aiming to master A+ class and all skillcuts one day.

So, whatís the best place to start? Obviously it involves a lot of practice (read: Speed Lap). But is there anything other to it? Like: If I aim for A+ class, should I start at B class to learn the tracks? Or A class? Or start with A+ right away? Should I try to master the tracks without skillcuts first? I find it difficult to start at significant lower speed classes, as ships tend to sway differently when you go faster.

Which brings me to the next point: Which craft to choose? Iím impressed of how differently the Speed, Fighter and Agility ships really feel. Itís like they have different centers of gravity. And obviously thereís not the one craft to rule them all. But maybe thereís one that fits the general preferences of each player?

With WOHD it was Assegai or EG.X for me. Not because they have quite good handling stats, but because they tend to not overreact to steering. With WO2048 I see me scraping along walls as I try to correct my racing line, because simple steering has too less of an impact and airbraking is too sensitive. I have no problem with steering into curves early and slide through them. So the Fighter class seemed like a good choice for me. But itís too heavy and comparatively slow. Mapping the airbrakes to L2 and R2 for more analog control doesnít work for me as I cannot perform side shifts consistently. So itís basically airbrake on/off for me.

Mind you: I havenít unlocked all ships yet, as Iím half way through the campaign of WO2048. But Iím already feeling a bit frustrated searching for the right ship. I tried different ships on the same track to compare their handing, but I still didnít get the hang of it. I guess itís an interplay of all the things stated above. Yes, Iíve seen Charlieís new brilliant guide on WO2048 and I got the basics. But for me itís less about what to do than about how to get there. I guess WOHD was easier for me as I got familiar with the tracks by playing WOPure and WOPulse before (although I suck at the latter).

Long story short: I have a lot of fun with WO2048 but limited time to play it. I like to go A+ fast. I donít plan to get Racingfanís skill levels, but I want to get better at it, while still enjoying the game. And I need the best approach to get there. Any advice?

I imagine WOOCís version of WO2048 to handle a bit differently with 60fps, but maybe Iím totally mistaken here. Thatís why Iím also thankful if someone redirects me to any of the WO2048 forumís threads, if this has been covered before.