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Thread: Tips for Old People with Bad Reflexes

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    I get this distinct impression that the tips for the courses near the start of this thread run the presumption that you play with the D-pad... I'm still seriously struggling to navigate Chenghou Project on Phantom class and i usually play with the left stick as opposed to the D-pad. my problem is with maintaining pitch and properly getting through the sloped turn, even after watching Hellfire's tutorial on it a few times (except I don't use Goteki 45), I still keep scraping along most of that freaking turn. what's the trick about going into that turn...?

    i also still have trouble with the hairpin, but that i can figure out... but I don't encounter enough situations that involve pitching down...

    if it helps much, i tend to use Van-Uber, Harimau, and occasionally AG systems or FEISAR
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