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Important question for those of us who do not know: What causes you to lose XP in 2048 campaign? How can I avoid losing it?
I've never received an answer to this question, but I think that I have figured this out myself by paying attention to race results. You never actually lose XP in this game. If you pass or elite pass an event for the first time, you get the 10,000 or 20,000 points for it. Then, if you play the event again, sometimes at the end of the race you just get the XP for the speed pads you hit or eliminations you made (usually a few hundred to a couple thousand points). But sometimes at the end of the race, it gives you the XP for passing or elite passing again, and then subtracts that XP from you right away, so the difference in the end is, again, just the extra XP for the speed pads and eliminations. But, again, from what I can tell, you never actually lose XP or go down levels--the net XP is always positive. Is this correct? Can someone please confirm?