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Thread: Airbrake shoulder scheme

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    Well regarding the thread I think a clarification is needed with my L1/R1 steering.

    First, I keep my airbrakes on L2 and R2 because I'm confortable with them and I don't have much trouble to sideshift (I might consider switching if I need really advanced sideshifts to do more barrel rolls).

    Second, I don't like using the d-pad to steer, for the comfort of the analog sticks and being able to take smooth corners better with the analog - and trust me, adjusting the nose pitch is much better with the barrel roll layout because pressing up (on the d-pad) won't interfere with the barrel roll.

    Ok, so now here's the trick.

    The PS4 allows you to switch any of your buttons for another on the controller on the Accessibility Settings. I use that method to switch left with L1, and right with R1.
    Then in-game, I switch L1 with Triangle. I don't switch camera.

    So my new layout is:
    X - Thrust
    Square - Shoot
    Circle - Absorb
    Triangle - 180/EMP/Cancel Lap
    Left Stick - Steer and Nose pitch
    Right Stick - Unused
    L2 - Left Airbrake
    R2 - Right Airbrake
    L1 - Steer Left
    R1 - Steer Right
    D-pad Up - Nose pitch down
    D-pad Down - Nose pitch up
    D-pad Left - Camera switch
    D-pad Right - Unused

    So now, you're able to steer and pitch your nose with your left thumb, and barrel roll with your indexes. This allows blazing fast barrel rolls.

    You can also switch airbrakes and steering to your own preference. So you can switch the airbrakes on L1/R1 and put steering on L2/R2 with the accessibility settings.

    There's two downsides to this mapping:
    - You'll need to disable the custom layout in the PS4 settings each time you want to play another game. Also, to navigate left/right in the PS4 menus, you'll need to use L1/R1 until you disable the custom layout.
    - There's a glitch that I call "double cancel". Basically, it happens when you want to do a barrel roll fast enough, and you press the buttons so fast that you'll hear the barrel roll sound playing, but nothing will happen, and you'll lose not 15 energy, but 30. I think this is because the game tries to do both barrel rolls simultaneously. As a result, two barrel rolls are deducted from your energy tank, but the barrel rolls will cancel each other and you won't get any boost. I'm pretty sure this is an overlook by the original developers as you're not supposed to press left and right simultaneously on the d-pad, and in analog it's simply impossible because you can't do left and right on the same stick.

    As a matter of fact, some "elite" controllers (Nacon Revolution Pro, Razer Raiju, SCUF, Burn, Emio) offer back paddles on their controllers and you can map them to any button, so you can use them to barrel roll without even bothering with the PS4 accessibility settings.

    Of course, if you're a seasoned player and you're used to the old school barrel rolls, keep your habits - but you should give it a try. And new pilots might find this layout interesting.
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    I read about your technique on page 1 before this explanation a few days ago and was super hyped. Tried it out this morning and i failed miserably.
    Side shifts and regular airbrake usage combined with (upcoming) barrel rolls make my brain tilt.

    It sounded so perfect.. but ill stick with the normal settings :/

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    Played digital with the L2/R2 layout since 2097 (which I guess is the equivalent of DS4's L1/R1), skipped Wip3out, picked up again from Fusion and Pure.

    I switched to the L2/R2 triggers when I got HD Fury, and even set it to 100% sensitivity. If I want to go from an easy right hand turn, then tighten slightly beyond the normal turning speed, and then fully apply the airbrakes for a hairpin turn, the wider range of airbrake positions really helps. I can have a much more smooth and controllable change. But sometimes even the lightest touch puts so much drag on the ship and slows me down so much that I lose out on a lot of speed.

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