So I've seen a lot of conflicting information regarding WipEout 2048's place in the WipEout timeline, and with the release of the Omega Collection, I thought now would be a good time to try and get an answer.

WipeoutZone itself refers to 2048 as a franchise reboot, both as a subtitle for the game's thread, as well as in the news section (although that was posted a long time ago)

Furthermore, the redesigns of the ships, the HD/Fury Handling, and the craft-destroying weaponry (especially the missile, which only had its effects changed to its modern incarnation in the FX350, many many years after the events of 204 all indicate a franchise reboot, as well as the overall aesthetic and track design of 2048.

However, I cannot find any official information that WipEout 2048 is a reboot, as everything I can find refers to it as a prequel to the previous games.

Now that the devs of WipEout Omega Collection have shown they are willing to change the established lore of the franchise (The inclusion of Tigron and Van-Uber into HD/Fury), I think now would be an excellent time to ask for 2048's place in the lore.

If one of the developers of the game would be willing to answer this question, I would be very grateful.

(Also this is my first time creating a thread, so please let me know if I messed anything up)