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Thread: What would it take to make a NEW Wipeout ? -Estimate from those who know.

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    Default What would it take to make a NEW Wipeout ? -Estimate from those who know.

    This subject has been talked about for ages when there was nothing else to talk about by we long term members.

    Now there is a new interest again, both , most importantly from the fans, and secondly from Sony.

    If it wasn't for the fans Sony wouldn't have made the Omega Pack, there would be no point if nobody was interested, fact, and if no interest, it equals no $$ for Sony, so it wouldn't have got the go ahead.....well more on that later.

    A Remaster is one thing, making a new Wipeout is another.

    We have two predicaments happening here, the first is the Wipeout is hugely popular in EU but not in the why is that?
    I don't want to come across as disparaging, but Sony USA 'Marketing' are corporate robots than run purely on figures given to them, there is no free thinking, it's toe the corporate line or you not part of the team...your out.

    So how has Sony marketing in the USA tackled the Omega Pack ?

    It's done what it has always done, gone back to figures, Historical sales figures for the various wipeout games in the USA.........there is a fatal flaw in doing this, and it has perpetuated for years, and is the reason why wipeout hasn't sold in the USA for years.

    Lets have a look at what has happened over the years to Wipeout in the USA over the years.

    The last Good sales figures for a wipeout game in the USA were for Wipeout FUSION [Ironically the Orphan of the wipeout series], it was also the last FULL CONSOLE VERSION of a wipeout game, available to be bought as a disc version, seen on a shelf, and bought at a shop.....that was 17 years ago.

    The PSP came out, sold reasonably well, and wipeout PURE got a reasonable take up, the DLC for it was free, all was good.....but it wasn't a full console you lost those that like to play on a big screen.
    Ditto Wipeout PULSE.....sales had dropped off by then, PSP's had plateaued sales wise, so the USA decided it wasn't worth bothering releasing the DLC for PULSE....further alienation of the full console version WO players, and now those that like the PSP versions, but denied the DLC on a sales whim.

    VITA arrives...Sony thinks, hell we don't have a release title that shows off all the things we want about the VITA....Who do we call?

    Those at SL that hadn't yet had their termination notices typed up, and were still considered useful, were quickly given a brief, and in a false sense of confidence, so they built WO 2048 for the VITA.

    Another handheld WO, [NO interest for fans of the full console version] ....lacked Racebox = Horrible + had major glitches, and even then you could lose all your game dire really.

    SO...Dah Ta De Dah !!!

    The Omega Pack is announced...YES!!!! x 1000 are made ....Finally...are post made at this forum.

    I imagine the situation at Sony USA PR marketing was diametrically opposite ..... What's this Omega Pack they want us to sell and promote....I'll look it up in History....OMG it has a horrible failure rate in the USA.....we can't budget for that....we'll just give it token exposure and see how it goes.

    Not realizing that there is a frozen zombie army of full console wipeout players that have been waiting for the AWAKEN call to call, no come.

    NOW...if I know this, and SL people knew this, and it's been posted about enought times over the years at this forum.....WHY didn't somebody from Sony XDEV [who overseered the project] GO OVER to the USA, and kick some butt to sell this game.

    I've been online on several different occasions, at various time checking on the online rooms open, and when I hit the USA's dismal.....I wonder why?

    From a EX SL person I have been told that he estimates that it would cost Sony at least USA$10 million and take 18 months to make a NEW Wipeout....from the amount of players I see online ATM, a week into a new release, I can't see Sony giving the OK for that.

    Sorry, but I'd love to see it otherwise, but I'm a realist .....unless more people are playing this game, no new ones will be made
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