Having played Fusion back in the day I was DELIGHTED to see the return of both classic ships. For me, I was a little underwhelmed by Van Uber, but pleasantly surprised by the Tigron.

Van Uber isn't my particular play style, but I see it being a good substitute for AG and FEISAR type pilots. I don't like how they don't have Fury counterparts for either, but I can dig Van Uber as a good Phantom class ship.

Tigron on the other-hand is hard to place. I chose it initially because it is slightly better than Fury Piranha. Once I unlock Icaras Fury, I'll probably switch because of the extra 5% handling and thrust. Given the team history I was a little surprised that it had low shield stats, but it does handle better than Piranha and has better thrust. I don't know what the fabled "hidden stats" are for it. but I've noticed that it pushes other ships around better when slamming another ship. That would make sense. It also seems slower to roll and has a mass that keeps it lower to the ground making it harder slightly to roll with.