Wanted to enjoy this new installment just for the nostalgia, but after playing last night i just cant do it...it doesnt feel right anymore. Dont take this the wrong way, but heres my genuine opinion-

The soundtrack is awful, it just doesnt fit, It seems like they took what people think is good popular electronica music and threw it in regarldess of if it fit with the flow or not. Yes, i know there is some classics here...the 2 categories to pick from is just a silly idea. New menu music, well, I miss the old one from hd, and that was alright.

the sound effects- i actually like alot of them now, sideshift sounds slick , turbo sounds rugged and intense.not too much to complain about, but i never liked the 2048 announcer, if you pick sol he sounds like a robot sean connery...

graphically- meh, its flashy and colorful, same thing as usual there. But i much like the visuals of something like Formula Fusion much more. They seem more polished and i just like the darker tone they put out. 2048 still looks like vita 2048, pretty but nothing to write home about.

Content- Well , we all know its just a big rehash, we have 2 new ships that arent really new, and a racebox in 2048 now. I still strongly disllike the layout and objective based 2048 campaign. There is ALOT of campaign content and nice online features to keep you around though it you really are into, so thats definitely nice to see to hold a community, but again, i just cant get over the fact that ive done it a zillion times already on the same tracks for the past 10 years since alot of them were out on Pure. At least the NEW WO crowd has some meat to work with.

In conclusion, and again, dont take this the wrong way because im a Wipeout fan...id rather be playinf Formula Fusion right now. It feels faster, it looks nicer, youcant beat tDR art and it has an immense room to grow and evolve up until console release whereas Wipeout is locked into a formula more or less at this time. Wipeout Omega, while a nice nostalgia trip, just doesnt bring the genre anything new that it needs. Ive always said the old content , including Wipeout HD and 2048 needs to die and they just need to do something new. Enjoy the game though guys, im sure a lot of newcomers will enjoy, and i will keep my steelbook sealed up nice as a memory while if i decide top play i have it digitally. FrostE out