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Thread: New WipEout Clothing Merch incoming!

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    If only it was the first aberration they committed...

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    The dop10 10% off code is working on the new WipEout stuff Effectively gives you free postage on the hoodie. I gather they're all men's tops, but it would be helpful if they had a size guide on there.

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    Im deffo gonna grab a few of these. I love my InsertCoin ones and Im more than happy to add more Wipeout to my wardrobe.

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    I've just received my shirt and can confirm that the graphics are direct-to-garment, which is great stuff because the FEISAR logo has the perfect shade of colours (very saturated blues and yellow) and should not fade anytime soon. Please bear in mind if anyone is trying to import these the sizes are UK size based so make sure you account for that before purchase (I'm sure there are size comparison charts floating around to compare UK size to another country's).

    Definitely worth the money IMO, loving the vibrant colour.
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    Good to know the prints are good quality What's the material thickness like?

    I sent PlayStation Gear an e-mail about sizes last night. All the WipEout pages have size guides now, in centimeters and inches. The sizes appear vary slightly between products.

    To find the guide click on a shirt, then 'Size', then a blue pane pops out on the right. Scroll to the bottom of that and there's a tiny 'Size Guide' link at the bottom.

    I might have just bought a couple things, I couldn't help myself.

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    Got a response from Playstation Gear US, which is apparently run by ThinkGeek. Someone nicknamed "Brick". Not good news.


    I'm sorry about that! Unfortunately, that merchandise is only available on the UK store. We are not currently offering it, please let me know if you have any further questions.


    I know AdHoc has offered to help me import. Anyone else? After all, I can't be the only one who wants these in the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missmolotov View Post
    The dop10 10% off code is working on the new WipEout stuff Effectively gives you free postage on the hoodie.
    Thanks for that one, didn't know it existed!

    Will have to bug my sis in paris with my geek cravings haha!

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    No problem I hope your sister is in a helpful mood.

    Got an e-mail saying my stuff is arriving tomorrow. Can't wait! Just beaten Zico for the first time, tried for ages but had no luck on HD. Feel like I've earnt it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid Divide View Post
    I just heard back from Playstation Gear, and the news isn't good. Read below.
    Hi Ben

    Thanks for contacting PlayStation Gear.

    To ensure the best possible customer experience we are currently operating in the UK, France and Germany.

    We continue to explore the possibility of expanding the PlayStation Gear store availability but have nothing to announce at this time.

    I'll email them back for clarification, but at the moment, it looks like we're screwed, unless I import, as the American Playstation Gear site still lists nothing.

    Come on, Sony. Be nice to the USA for a change...
    Ugh, ce la vie. No steel book. No tshirts. No competition and no love.

    Congratulations! You are now officially the closest pilot to me in the US!

    Actually know what? This is some bullsnizzle. I'm going to start making original designs that don't have the logo and screen print them myself. There is a place near here I can do that on the cheap and I can burn my own screens. One if the perks of having worked as a professional tshirt designer before. You guys start sending ideas and I'll try to get some illustrations done up before choosing a few to make.

    Since these will be skating a thin line between being boot leg shirts, if I can afford it I will provide these for FREE to anyone I can ship to affordably.

    So... I came up with a few shirts that could be screenprinted easily. I have this in another post that is more on topic for those purposes.
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    I thought I should update. I bought a t-shirt and a hoodie. The t-shirt is great and I kept it, the hoodie was terrible and went back. The print had a hole or a flap in it. Maybe like there was fluff underneath it when it was printed and it had lifted up afterwards. The stitching was also coming undone under the arm and around the cuff.

    They wouldn't let me exchange it, I could only send it back and buy another. After a week of e-mails back and forth, they said they would refund the postage if I bought another, but they wouldn't honour the discount from the Days of Play code. By this point I just lost heart. It was quite depressing, I had treated myself to cheer myself up because my steelbook also arrive damaged from Amazon.

    So if you're going to, I'd recommend the t-shirts, but not the hoodie or the customer service.

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