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    Default Weapon Systems in Omega

    Hello all, did you miss me?

    So MetaKraken's asked if I was going to re-work my profiles for the teams with the new update, wasn't so sure but one thing that has got my head going is that there's at least some evidence of tech sharing amongst the teams in the Omega edition of HD-Fury.

    For those out of the loop, in 2048, the five teams all had a weapons system announcer unique to the team - British Male for FEISAR, American Male for Auricom, Russian Male for Qirex, Brazilian Female for Pir-hana and Japanese Female for AG-Systems. These voices have been carried across to the new edition, but they've also been shared out amongst the other teams. Some of which invalidates my previous rivals head canons, so maybe I will have to work over my files once more. Here are what I've picked up on so far.

    FEISAR Systems (British Male):
    FEISAR (European Union)
    Assegai Developments (South Africa)
    The Icaras Project (United Kingdom)

    AG-S Systems (Japanese Female):
    AG-Systems (Japan)
    Triakis Industries (Australia)
    Mirage MAGEC

 (United Arab Emirates)

    Auricom Systems (American Male):
    Auricom Originals (United States of America)

 International (Malaysia)

    Qirex Systems (Russian Male):
    Qirex Research And Development (Russia)
    EG-X Technologies (Finland/China)

    Pir-Hana Systems (Brazilian Female):
    Piranha Advancements (Brazil)
    Goteki 45 (Polynesian Islands)

    Van-Uber Systems (German Male):
    Van-Uber Racing (Germany)

    Tigron Systems (Deeper-voiced Russian Male):
    Tigron Enterprises (Russia)

    So one thing I'm not going to be able to do is claim that Icaras and FEISAR are at loggerheads as much if Icaras is using Feisar tech, but the biggest change to the canon I wrote is that AG-Systems and Triakis are now in bed together. One thing I'm not sure about though is Van-Uber, it doesn't sound like any of the other male teams, but it seems a bit odd to have a unique set of voice lines exclusively for a DLC team. Am I just hearing things? Thoughts and comments below.
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    In bed together?!? XD It is kind of strange that certain teams who have rivalries with each other would share the same announcer. I'd assume it was due to a shortage of time for the developers. I don't really mind, though.

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    Welcome back Challenger. It's good to see you around again.

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    It doesnít make sense to me if AG-S and Triakis share tech or were allied teams considering the official team backstories, though they never said if theyíre allies/rivals, or were rivals before/after Triakisí disqualification. Honestly, I think they messed up on the weapon system choice for Triakis. It would be appropriate to have FEISAR's since it's English. And for EG.X to also have AG-S weapon system since theyíre both eastern Asian teams but are not allies (aside from Finland). Mirage I canít explain though.

    If you have to rewrite something in, it probably wouldnít be so much tech sharing but rather acquired it someplace else or stolen tech. I donít know, I rather keep AG-S and Triakis being rivals, especially since I reference those two teams being enemies in my Pilot Archives. Tech sharing would be a big change for my canon also which I donít want to rewrite.

    Then again thatís my own canon and I donít care if the weapon systems are shared with other unlikely teams if thereís no official reason to it. If itís officially canon that Triakis and AG-S are allies or tech sharing from the developers, then Iíll make the choice of changing it, regardless.
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    I think it's simply more based on region similarities, least for Icaras + FEISAR and Tigron + Qirex...
    Oh well, scrap that.

    As for the Van-‹ber, i think it wouldn't be too surprising to make something original for a DLC team. I dunno if that is actually the case...

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    It's probably worth pointing out as far as I'm aware, the Triakis/AG-S rivalry was entirely made up by me, and isn't actually canon at all. I just noticed a lot of posts on this forum seem to go by the profiles I made a few years ago as gospel - they're entirely not. Infoxicated mentioned he was going to do a bit of story-writing himself to work Van-Uber and Tigron into the new canon for FX350, maybe he'll mention it. But if you all do want it, we could say it's another mocking slap in the face from the race organisers, saying they don't trust Triakis' weapon systems and therefore they have to use an AG-S one instead to prevent another RIDS controversy.

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