If everyone were to come up with a new weapon/pickup for a future WipEout game. What would it be & what would it do?

I thought I'd share some suggestion and thoughts on possible weapons I can imagin working.

My First Idea, while not so much as a "new" pickup to WipEout & racing games, I would like to see a Cloaking device - a pick-up that makes you invisible. As combat mode is a thing in WipEout these days, along with a few combat arenas included in a future game the cloaking device would become super usefull as you sneak up on players.

My second Idea... A insta-death shield. An upgrade to your basic shield, this would act in a similar way shields do on Jak X Combat Racing where if a racer hits you when the shield is active you loose a large chunk of health... or in a combat/online mode setting completely blow up. This weapon however would be a rare drop with a 0.5 chance of spawning in single player modes, but with a higher rate online.

3rd idea... The Switch. Simple really, you swap places with who ever you hit.

4th idea... The Transformer - Remember those future looking racing cars that road the walls in the WipEout 2048 intro video, well this is an idea to actuall have a game with them... if a racer were to pick up a "Transformer" and use it the could transform from WipEout ship to WipEout future Car/bike for 10 seconds or less. If used at a certain location in a track they would be able to enter a short cut that some how climes around the track. Idea may need work.

5th idea... Micro mines... a pickup that drops a tone of small mines that bounce around the track exploading on contact. Would be usefull to excape homing missles.

These are just some of the things i can think off, what everyones thoughs on these and what ideas have you got that are better than mine?