The full release of Formula Fusion came out today.

Some new tracks [well fully rendered ones that those on the TPP would have seen in bare bones form before], and two new craft chassis, that will be new to everybody.

I'll post some videos over the weekend.

It's not where R8 want it to be, but they are sort of behind the 8 ball financially and need a influx of cash so they can get a fully fleshed out version working really well for console release, so it's still a work in progress, but at least it's playable.
We have been told to expect lots of updates and DLC over the coming months, guess we shall see what eventuates.
I was also told that there will definitely be Flight Stick and/ or Steering Wheel support for both the PC and PS4 versions....I think Flight Stick would be the best because FF is very sensitive to nose up/down, far more so than any wipeout game.

The other problem is that it hasn't been optimized yet, so ATM you are going to need both a powerful CPU and GPU and a fair whack of RAM, I'm not having any problems running it on my i7 GTX980 32G Ram PC, I'm getting a solid 60FPS with Epic settings, but others with lesser machines can't get it running apparently, so I'd check to see what the current minimum spec'd PC is needed beforehand if you are thinking of giving it a try [it's very cheap compared to a full PS4 game] and there will be a free cut back demo version available probably from the 5th June.