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    Default Twitch and YouTube Streams Thread

    So, as the game's release closing in, let's give WipEout some visibility!

    Thanks to the power of the PS4, we can stream directly our races and time trials to Twitch! And also share our clips and highlights. We can also stream our tournaments and events, and expand it to a broader audience than Youtube.

    So here's a thread where we can share and centralize our Twitch channels and tell when we are streaming, and also post our best (or worst) moments, our best times and performances.

    And of course, for the people who already have some capture cards to record their times, you can stream to Twitch using software like OBS or XSplit. There are various tutorials.

    However, it's better if you have a high upload speed. As WipEout is very fast paced, it will need higher bitrates to be shown in its glory. So be sure to have at least 3 Mbps in upload speed to ensure the quality of the stream will be good. Of course, nothing prevents you from streaming if you have a bad connection (like 1 Mbps) but it might become a pixel salad!


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