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Thread: Is this what you were expecting of FF ?

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    Default Is this what you were expecting of FF ?

    I haven't been doing any testing of FF since Xmas, and only started again over the last few days, probably because I have also playing 2048 and there is so much going on visually at one time with 2048, that I just wanted something less chaotic.

    Anyway, a lot if not most people would be wondering , well what's it like, how does it play, what's the handling like.....that last one will get answered by watching these 3 videos below.
    Since R8 put some specs on the final release on their Facebook page, I guess thing must be getting pretty close to I also guess what you see in the videos below will be pretty much how the craft will handle, and just how different that handling is to any Wipeout game you have played [To me it's more like cross between F-Zero and Wipeout ] you certainly won't be holding your thumb down constantly on the accelerator with FF like you do with Wipeout, well at least not at could probably call FF a AG drifting racer....make that what you will.....anyway the videos below were not done by me,but put up by another Test Pilot, they show the 3 different speed classes doing close to a single perfect lap.

    I'd be interested to see what you think of them, I'm sure R8 would like to know as well.
    The three speed classes slowest to fastest are Vixen,Sabre, Python [two more faster speed classes have been added that we have yet to test ] They are all on the same track so you can notice the difference better.
    Midtown WR Vixen class

    Midtown WR Sabre Class
    Midtown WR Python Class

    You can see more of EggPlant<3's WR FF videos at his page at the link below.

    This craft handling [remember, there are another two faster speed classes no yet seen] is challenging / frustrating- depends how you look at it, on the test tracks as seen at the faster speed classes, R8 have since widened the tracks to cater for this, and also straightened [if not plain out removed] a few corners / chicanes on others...... as you can see by the drifting like handling in the faster speed class, it's understandable why.
    I've had a bit of a problem with coming to terms with the handling on FF, mainly this is due to having to use a Xbox 360 controller [that's when it wants to work], which just feels alien to me on a AG racer, especially considering that when playing Wipeout I always use the D-Pad....on the 360 controller it's D-Pad is it in the space where the PS3/4 stick is, which after playing like that for 20+ years isn't that easy to adjust to.

    Hopefully I'll have more success with a PS4 controller when FF is finally released on the console.
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