Hey everyone!

0.7 is slowly creeping up and I'm looking for people who would have an interest in trying out the new custom track tools ahead of time. This is both for feedback to improve the tools for their official release and to get the tools into the hands of people who would have a field day making custom tracks as soon as possible. For this I've created a new beta branch on Steam that is now being updated alongside our Development Branch (which is exclusive for people who donate $1/m or more on Patreon). If you're interested then leave a reply! Only a few people are going to be accepted and the offer for this is closing on March 31st. Once 0.7 is released the beta branch will be deleted and you'll be given access to the Development Branch for free as a thank you for helping out.

You'l get a PM if you're accepted

Information regarding the tools
The tools are compiled into a Unity Project, all of the tools used to setup the official tracks are included though they have been drastically improved from what are used internally by us. You'll need Unity 5.6 to use the tools (currently in release candidate stages and should be officially released by the end of the month). Documentation is already up, which you can find here - http://ballisticng.wikia.com/wiki/Ballistic_Unity_Tools

Provided with the game is a program that allows you to upload custom tracks to the Steam Workshop. This is working right now and will allow anybody making tracks early to upload their work ahead of the 0.7 release.