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Thread: Wipeout Omega Collection announced for PS4! - Release date 7th June 2017

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    Talking Wipeout Omega Collection announced for PS4! - Release date 7th June 2017

    Some brilliant news from the Playstation Experience this evening. Wipeout Omega Collection has been announced as an upcoming PS4 title!

    The collection will consist of Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048. So anyone who never got the chance to play the latter due to its Vita exclusivity will now have the chance.

    All details currently known

    • Release is currently set for June 6th in North America, and June 7th everywhere else
    • All tracks and modes from both Wipeout HD Fury and 2048 will be available to play
    • Content is upscaled to dynamic 4K and will be enhanced on the PS4 Pro
    • PS4 Pro will downsample for players with 1080p screens
    • Full racebox will be in place for both single and multiplayer in 2048
    • Crossplay with the Vita version of 2048 will not be happening
    • Van Uber will be making a return - currently a digital pre-order bonus
    • Steelbook editions will be available, but currently will be in PAL regions only
    • Soundtrack for the game will be completely new - no custom soundtrack feature, but music can be played in the background via the music app
    • Trophy list will be a mix from HD, Fury and 2048. Which ones are in and out is unknown at the moment
    • Online leaderboards will be availble for all tracks and modes
    • HD/Fury and 2048 content is completely separate, so no using HD craft on 2048 tracks and vice versa
    • Tigron are back - will be available from the start in all versions of the game
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