Sorry for the dramatic plea, but the feedback / response R8 is getting from it's current participants in Formula Fusions TPP is slack to say the least......, it's pathetic to be honest.
A Lot of that comes from starting a forum, having people post, and nobody answer... the biggest WTF situation ever.

So, I thought I'd ask the people that do really care about this game...You people reading this NOW, long term AG racers ....WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THIS GAME?

Topics I have brought up at the TPP froum.

I request all forum members that have finished at least 3 of the 8 Wipeout titles, to voice their opinions regarding the topics below - please answer in the same order as questions asked.
R8 Games NEED to KNOW this stuff......they are NOT getting the feedback they need, quickly enough.
Doesn't matter how good you are/ were at any Wipeout game..... but voice what you ALWAYS THOUGHT....IF they had only done that!...that's what's wanted/ needed.....think AHEAD of what is POSSIBLE with the power of a PS4 / huge PC

1] Proximity alert - Formula Fusion doesn't have one currently in any build - any plans for one? ....I prefer WOHD's simple one....I could imagine the ability to have a bar with, Friend / Foe color intensity shown if online team event were to happen as planned, friend could be Blue, Foe Red.
Formula Fusion Online plans is to have TEAM EVENT's.....Especially on you know why I' questioning about this.
There are other reasons, but depending on how the build goes, they might not be relevent.

2] Tutorials - How many friends, acquaintances, have you met, that didn't grasp how to play Wipeout ?, or found it's learning curve too high to master, so they gave up ?
Plenty if your experience is similar to mine.
How would you teach somebody Formula Fusion? [Or Wipeout for that matter] What do you think is the biggest hurdle to somebody understanding how to become a competent AG Pilot ?...personally I think it's Air Brakes/steering combo...and getting it right.

So, what do YOU, the forum members suggest, would make a great tutorial to teach should it be done to be easily understood?

I'll leave it at those two questions at the moment.

Please reply !