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Thread: 11th November update.

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    I put one other new video up of a Red Route test track, this is of Experimental W1.

    Currently the jumps intersect at some places on this test track, so there is a possibility of mid-air collisions, or well timed weapon fire hitting somebody who is either miles in front, or miles behind if they happen to cross your path at that point.

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    I have some ideas that I'm hoping you could forward to the development team, all focused around the idea that the community can be a valuable asset. This would not only be great for keeping the game alive once it is completely released, but it could also take some load off the developers in the long run.

    User Generated Content:
    - Track editor
    - Skin/ship editor
    - Custom music/sound packs (using some combination of FFmpeg and LibOpenMPT)
    - Custom HUD options and/or weapons(?), pending community review
    - HoloCam; a combination between Photo Mode (like in WipEout HD) and Theatre Mode (like in the Halo games)
    - Custom race types; Using mutators (such as in Unreal Tournament) and other configurable options (such as in WipEout's racebox and in Halo Multiplayer)
    - Custom campaign grids (assuming the game uses or is planned to use a Campaign Grid system)

    Debugging Tools:
    - Stress Test: A series of performance benchmarks (with optional performance telemetry), both interactive and choreographed
    - User Feedback Tools: A means of easily reporting bugs and other feedback/reviews from within the game itself!

    - *Optional Advertisements: Disabled by default, with a prompt if the user would like to enable them. They can be set up so that they display on trackside billboards or something innocuous like that. Telemetry wouldn't be a thing of course, since if you're playing a futuristic racing game, then it is already pretty obvious what you're interested in. I suggest this one because some people might not have money to make regular contributions to the studio or the game's development following their purchase (I'm assuming the game will follow a Pay-What-You-Want model)
    - Some form of very basic integrated social network, since not everyone will be using Steam to play this game in all likelihood.

    *(Don't maul me)

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