New update people.

Copied from the R8 FF site.

Hello Pilots

As some of you may have heard, we have a content update for you today. This content update has taken longer than we wanted, this was due to a mechanic in game undergoing work, which as a result meant it wasn't working in game for a while,
this lead to some of the tracks being unplayable.

The update itself contains a few different things, which are:

- 12 Red Route tracks (11 brand new, 1 carried over from last update because...)
- New handling physics (We want to know how the new physics effects the player of Terminus D1)
- New Heads Up Display
- KERS has been disabled until we've finished working on it
- Removed one of the external camera (the Tail Cam)
- Remaining external camera (Chase Cam) has been tweaked


- We ask players only use the 'Vixen' craft, as it is currently the only one with the new physics. Also of note is that the Vixen craft values, such as handling and acceleration, have been set with the FF2000 class in mind.
This is because we wanted to get the craft values for the middle craft class first and work from there. The final version of the Vixen will not play like it does in this build.
- The removal of KERS and Tail Cam are only temporary while they, or alternatives are being worked on. We are aware the removal of the camera may not sit well with everyone, but its simply because we want to focus on one external camera at a time
- Some of the Red Routes have jumps that require the pilot pitch at the right time.

We'd love to hear your feedback on how the tracks feel with the new physics, both the 4 complete and 12 Red Routes.

To make you aware we are aiming for the next patch to contain an update to the weapons/upgrade system (this will include a new Garage UI), improved AI to work with the new physics and multiplayer functionality.

As before please breakdown your feedback into sections with the heading of whatever the feedback is regarding.