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Thread: Main site back up after short down time

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    Lightbulb Main site back up after short down time

    Which is technically accurate... kind of... in fact, in archaeological terms the 4.5 years that the main site has been offline has passed... well, practically instantaneously.

    But I can see how folk might have got bored waiting.

    Sorry about that.

    Anyway, consider this a beta relaunch of the main site.

    The registration/login/admin side of it is still to come and there might also be a few issues.

    Oh, I know for a fact that if you're on mobile device with a short vertical screen then the bottom items in the navigation won't be available.

    I'll fix that... until then just turn the screen. That should work.

    I also just realised that you can't click back to the main site from the banner. I will fix that too.
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