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Thread: Am I crazy, or pressing "Start" fixes the blurriness on Wipeout HD/Fury on VITA?

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    Default Am I crazy, or pressing "Start" fixes the blurriness on Wipeout HD/Fury on VITA?

    So... before buying the expansions of Wipeout 2048, I looked on the internet to see how Wipeout HD and Fury fared on the Vita, especially compared to their PS3 counterparts.
    Even though I found too few impressions (Wipeout is dead for a reason, I guess! :/), the general bulk of them was that the game looks very blurry on the Vita, with a frame rate of 30fps that isn't as stable as it is in 2048. However there was a minority that claimed the game not only looked crisp, with a very stable 30fps, but even looked better than the original 2048.
    After buying the expansions, I found out that they were both right.
    HD and Fury ARE blurry on the Vita, and since Wipeout uses some kind of variable resolution, this means that something is bottlenecking the game engine, which explains the framerate drops.
    However, pressing "Start" before the beginning of a race and letting the game idle on the menu for a few seconds, not only fixes the blurriness, but ALSO improves the framerate, since that thing that must have put the engine under stress, now has loaded correctly.
    I have looked on the web EVERYWHERE to see if this was common knowledge, but I didn't find anything on the matter, which may mean:
    1) I am crazy, and pressing Start is just a placebo effect
    2) I am right, and the fact nobody reported this glitch speaks volume to how much Wipeout is dead!
    3) It IS common knowledge, I just suck at researching things.

    So... can someone try this and see if I am right, assuming this isn't old news? :O

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    I just tried this and the answer is definitely 2. I tried this on PSTV with a 60" screen and the difference is huge! I also noticed that it is after loading the track initially that the blurriness happpens. If you finish the race and then choose to restart it the blurryness is also gone.

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    Thank you for your time!
    Did you also notice framerate improvements?

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