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    Default New Update today

    Just got a email and have started updating, no idea yet on what changes have been made, as there is no news of it at the R8 FF Facebook page, or on Steam.

    EDIT: Just had a quick look at the changes, which aren't huge.....same 4 tracks, but the Night time option has been removed for this build
    1]Engine noise has been changed, it's currently in between a hum and a deep growl.
    2]The tracks have had a bit on some to a LOT more detail added to them, and the yellow 'side of track' proximity alert has disappeared again, replaced with a permanent Blue coloured one, but only on the major turns.
    3]More than one weapon works at a time now, rather than only having the one previously selected in menu as being active prior to racing, you now have two, plus the cannon seems to work a LOT better now than previously
    4]I think KERS has been removed in this current build, although I never managed to get it to work in the previous build, so I could be wrong.
    5]Craft view seems to stick now, it doesn't revert back to default view.
    6]Start now has a count down YAY!, but only visually, no Audio countdown.
    7]Start of race animation has changed. so has pre race track flyover [a LOT more detail with the latter]
    8]Craft DESIGN has changed, craft now have coloured semi transparent shield/wing like appendages on top rear of craft.
    9] Best times [Global and Friends] are now recorded and view able in custom event when you go to a particular track.
    10] New pilot view added, the 'in cockpit with control console view' is back with a redesign, not taking up half the screen this time around
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