hi all

We’ve been working very hard since our 20160725 build and are pleased to announce that as of Friday 0003h GMT you’ll be seeing an update which has numerous improvements, additions, changes and fixes:

- destruction sequence improvements - WIP
- multiplayer - lobby auto-refreshes - in-lobby text chat - player tag occlusion - optimisation - WIP
- aesthetic tweaks / changes to Trans Atol
- aesthetic tweaks / changes to Niagara
- aesthetic tweaks / changes to Mannahatta
- new pickup health and weapon icons - WIP
- SFX tweaks - still WIP
- multiple bug fixes
- weapons system tweaks and additions - WIP
- introduction of KERS system (see below) - WIP

WEAPONS: pick primary and secondary weapons in garage - pickup energy charges to fire with Right or Left shoulder buttons
- (see blue bar at base of HUD) deploy KERS by holding Left and Right upper shoulder buttons together for a temporary speed boost.
- collect KERS Crystals during a race - harvest Crystals from destroyed craft - WIP
- KERS rewards perfect piloting; collisions reduce and achieving the perfect line accelerates collection of Crystals

More news to follow shortly re the re-opening of the TPP.