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Thread: FF online Multiplayer TPP cordnated testing times - availability staus

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    Hey BW, on steam they say a bug with the ghost files can make loading times much longer. Try to delete them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Formula Fusion\Ghosts
    For the problem with Manahatta always freezing, have you tried to check the game's cache integrity? (in steam right click on formula fusion > Properties > local files)

    Hey Purdisc i'm not sure to use the right words, i use steam framerate counter which said it was quite stable but there was some stuttering and the ship had jerky movements with some input delay in controls.
    Compared to wipeout hd servers problems, the other ships positions tracking was good here with no ship which suddenly appears/disappears.
    Amongst the servers i joined things were a bit better when the player Blu was hosting, It was very difficult to play on yours, g2wolf and R8Games servers.

    Thanks for the Discord chat link, i'll join you there next time.
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