The online Multiplayer has become live and those in the TPP need to test it.

So , since we are so few [ATM] and far between, I think it best that some some sort of meeting point be made to organize as many as possible of those in the TPP to be online at the one time, race online, then report back.

Sort of like the old Bling Brigade Thread ...Ouch, the nightmares of that are flooding back.

Any proposed meeting should be in GMT [same as BB rules], adjust to your time for meet up.
Probably the best chance of success is to use this thread to communicate between each other during a meet, as on my only single attempt at FF online play, with only one other player [the host ] everything was VERY shakey, and ultimately ended up as with my PC freezing.

I need some comments from those on the TPP to help sort this out if it is to be viable.