I hadn't see any progress report here or at the R8 forum, so my last resort was to have a look at R8's page on the much loathed by me, Facebook.

This is a copy of what was posted on the 17th July.


As you may or may not have noticed – we have been quiet on the various forums. That’s because we have been very busy preparing a significant update, which will be available through steam by the end of the week.

The update will include (along with lots of game refinements):

- Multiplayer
- Singleplayer
- Garage
- 4 Tracks
- 3 Craft
- 4 Weapons
- Better handling
- Better AI

Our intention is to justify the price on Early Access by giving you half the game (alpha) – the price represents 50% off the full RRP so you can still grab a bargain.

We will continue update the Steam build with general gameplay tweaks and quality refinements, but we are going to switch our strategy now to work much more closely with the TPP people – to refine remaining content (which will be available exclusively for TPP people) right up until release across PC & Consoles for early 2017.

We will be reaching out very soon to make sure the TPP are fully engaged with the plan and we will open up the doors to recruit more TPP members as early adopters of multiplayer shortly.

We need to get things right that’s for sure and we have grown the project organically from day one. Please be a little more patient as we move through the final stages, we are confident the game will be everything you have imagined and a whole lot more.