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    Default little tournament - hop in!

    me and CHRIS-_REDFIELD planned to make a little tournament up to 4 teams made of 4 players each one, rapier and phantom single races, we will do 2 tournaments (team 1 vs team 2 and team 3 vs team 4), the teams that wins, plays againts for the final tourny

    Team 1:

    Team 2:

    more 2 to go!


    feel free to sign up here and create your team (you can choose a name, or your team will be automatically called Team 2, Team 3 etc if you don't want to), we will choose rules (for example green races, red races etc), tracks and other stuff later.

    probably the tourny will be played on friday sessions, so everyone can join, btw that's n0t a problem, we can choose other date too.
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