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Just found out about the Steam Controller the other day, looks like quite the controller.

Has anyone tried it with Ballistic? I'd like a review of the two together if anyone's tried it.
I have it, I'm using it since the BNG hit the Steam and it's great for it. It works really well especially because you can set the sensitivity as you may like it. You can try my settings as predefined from Controller settings menu (community settings -> created by MEG.A.BYTE) and get familiar with it. I've set the airbrakes to be very sensitive and fast to trigger, also the arrowkeys to be just touch activated. There is still mouse control set to right trackpad to be used when arrowkeys fail in menu (it happens sometimes due to Unity stupidity) or if you are more familiar with it.

There is one thing that I should try and that's gyroscopic control. That might be interesting and fun, but surely not as accurate and uncompetitive on harder difficulties.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.