THE FRIDAY 20th update is LIVE!

- Mannahatta cleaned up - no more weird wall collisions
- TPP Menu issues now cleaned up

The latest TT competition will run until the final second of May 31st midnight GMT. Leaderboards

Same rules apply. Prizes:
1st - AMAZING 3D crystal engraved Trophy
2nd - T-Shirt - new batch
3rd - poster - will post image soon

All winners will be notified by email (prize delivery times may vary - we will keep winners informed). The ghost file is needed for verification.

The competition is TIME TRIAL mode on MANNAHATTA in the FF4000 craft…Flash, Flash, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth etc etc
find Leaderboards here:

Meantime, here’s a WIP shot of some of the re-work we’re doing on Niagara. It’s still WIP but we think it shows the direction we’re heading.