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Thread: Questions about WO 2048 and PSVita

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    Question Questions about WO 2048 and PSVita

    Hi everyone!
    I really like wipeout and I'd like to play all the titles from this brand.
    Currently I own and play wip3out on PSone, wipeout Fusion on PS2 and wipeout HD/fury on PS3.
    I've never had PSP, so I'm considering to buy a PS Vita, in order to play with wipeout 2048, Pulse, Pure and the original Wipeout, but I have many doubts: I hope you will help me taking a decision.
    Here are my doubts:
    1- is 2048 still active online, or is it dead?
    2- is 2048 a must-have/must-play title in the Wipeout serie?
    3- are Pure and Pulse playable online with PS Vita? If yes, is there an active community?
    4- Are Pure,Pulse and the original wipeout graphically upscaled on Ps Vita? (like you can do with emulators)

    But the biggest doubt is this:
    We all know that PS Vita is a beautiful console, but it's very poor in terms of titles and Sony doesn't support it properly: is it a good choiche to spend lots of money just to play those old titles (which i can find in secondhand market too)? Or should I save money, take a good pc/PS4 and play Formula Fusion/the next PS4 Wipeout?

    What should I do? I'm scared of wasting money

    Sorry if these questions seem stupid, but I can't decide!
    Your help will be very precious!!
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