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Thread: Guys, get your hopes up, Nick Burcombe talks about crowdfunding interest for a new WipEout game!

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    Default Guys, get your hopes up, Nick Burcombe talks about crowdfunding interest for a new WipEout game!

    The co-creator of Wipeout Nick Burcombe has said he would make another entry in the sci-fi racing franchise, if Sony would let him.

    Wipeout, developed by Psygnosis, was released in 1995 as a launch title for the PlayStation. The most recent game in the series was released in January 2012.

    When asked by MCV whether he would be interested in making a spiritual successor, he said he could do it but hed want the Wipeout brand.

    If [my latest project] Table Top Racing is successful, I know I can put a team together for it as I get asked every week if were making a new Wipeout, Burcombe said.

    But Id have to make that PR story work on a Kickstarter level. Youd have to find out if theres an audience for it first. Id be looking at a proper undertaking on this and make it so that players can create their own tracks and really reinvent the whole thing.

    If theres demand there, wed love to meet it. But as it stands right now, without the Wipeout brand on it which I doubt Sony is about to relinquish anytime soon its kind of out of the question without Sonys blessing.

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    Okay, so, as Nick said, it's highly unlikely Sony would relinquish its WipEout IP or "lease" it to anyone.

    But that's not the point here. What needs to be done is to spark people's interest. If VR takes off, you can bet Sony will bring WO back.

    I hope Nick acts on it and makes some noise around our beloved franchise. By the way Nick, feel free to pitch in here

    As for my opinion on the matter, I'll just say this: FINALLY someone who understands that there is no spiritual successor to WO. You need WipEout to make a WipEout game. Anything else is a waste of time and ressources, not because it's bad, but because no one will buy it.
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