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I guess that opens a topic: are airbrakes designed for braking or steering or both? We plan to have more visual clues on each craft when airbrakes are used. Personally I find myself accepting that they add an extreme turning capacity but with a penalty in the actual loss of speed that comes with their use.
The way they work in my head in the wipEout series is an immediate change in the direction the craft is pointing, with a more gradual reduction in speed as it's effectively moving sideways (if the brake is held). Or an immediate reduction in speed if both are pulled at once.
I currently feel like the FF brakes shed too much speed immediately, and the turning action is not anywhere near as pronounced as in the wipEout series, but the sideshift effect makes this whole experience feel very different to anything I'm used to.
I'd say my comment a couple of posts back was more of a reaction than a cry for change - I haven't spent enough time with FF yet to form a proper opinion on this matter.

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Please let us know what you’re native rez is and we’ll see what we can do.
3440*1440, ultrawide. Sold as 21:9, but I don't think that's actually the ratio of any ultrawide, it's 43:18 (21.5:9) to be more accurate

Weirdly enough, I can't play FF in a non-native fullscreen with black bars down the sides like I can some other games. It stretches the game out to full width regardless. My monitor is set to maintain the aspect ratio it's sent, so this is something happening before it leaves my video card.
It may not be the game, it may be something in the current nvidia drivers? no idea.