i was intending to post something this evening along with the update that now isn't going to come out until Saturday GMT. My sincere apologies for not posting.

Unfortunately, it's been quite a day with many ups and downs and I simply have not had the time to collect my thoughts to write what I was intending to write. There will be a post early next week from me updating everyone on where R8 Games is with Formula Fusion. We have neglected this and our own forums. This will stop. It will be painful for me and I expect to take some abuse but so be it.
We are genuine in our intent to make an amazing game for you and regrettably we have not dedicated the time to communication that we should have.

I will write longer later explaining where we are and where we're going. Really we're in a pretty good place. We just need to talk to the community more and respond to your requests. The reality is that we unfortunately can't fix everything all at once or keep everyone happy that we want to.

Great shame that the build broke tonight. It had a number of things in it that would have pleased a number of people. I was keeping quiet about them until now. Will tell more when update does come out on Steam EA on Saturday GMT.