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    Default There has been a small update

    There was a small update on the 14th of April.

    It would seem those at R8 deem the forum members here either unworthy of a 'Head's up' on updates, or either totally disinterested, or so interested / concerned of the games progress that we appear hostile to what has been produced so far [Guilty as charged for the last, same as a few others here]

    I have never got alerts about updates for some reason, even though I'm part of the TPP [another idiosyncrasy of STEAM] ..... after downloading and trying this new update just now [2 weeks after it was first put up] I gave it a very brief run, then shut the PC down....still the same annoying problems for me , plus some new one that I didn't bother to find out what it looked like [Speed camera shake at extreme speeds is a new 'Feature' apparently ]

    Combine that with the Fog effects on one track, Nose flash and Speed blur when running over a speed pad on all tracks,..+ a dash board that takes up 50% of the screen in cockpit view..... I find the logic behind the choice of visual impairment as a feature of a racing game, in the time of HD & nearing 4k UHD gaming , 3D & VR spec'd visual display devices just plain stupid, VERY annoying, and just not worth my time bothering testing.

    The impaired visuals defeat any subjective review, as nobody I know of at this forum would race with these effects switch logically, unless they are able to be turned off, I doubt anybody will bother buying the game.

    I hope R8 sort this, as the Silence surrounding this game, especially at this forum and in this specialized thread, should be a major concern to them, and should be taken as a harbinger of what they should expect the general gaming markets response will be.

    The antithesis of the wipeout similar game we were lead to believe it was going to be.
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