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    Default JX350 Racing League Pilot Profiles

    This thread will have all of the pilot profiles of the JX350 racing league. The idea came from the JX350 Roleplay thread by Challenger #001 and Synergy2048's pilot profiles. This fanfic mashes the two worlds together to form the new JX350 Racing League Pilot Profiles.

    I would like to give a shout out to those two for making such a creative Wipeout Universe.

    *This chapter contains some of Challenger's characters.


    A couple of semi-transparent screens appeared in a dark room before an editor as he began to type in some info. The man, who was in a white-collared shirt, business pants, was working like a man possessed, working quickly as if a deadline was coming up, his green eyes glued to the screens before him, sometimes using his hands to flick specks of his brown hair away from his view. The info he typed was a biography of sorts as he used a holographic style keyboard to enter the info. While there were some info that was missing, the man typed in what he knew about the many people who appeared on the screen before him. He moved his hands about to move from one screen to another as he managed to fill in as many blanks as he could find with the right info if necessary. Soon though, he finally managed to finish up the last bio of each person and with a couple of quick swipes, he was able to sort out all of the biographies of every person and placed every screen of each bio in front of the man.

    With a smile, he was finished with his writing and editing when a door behind him slid open with a hiss. The man was in his middle ages as he wore a business suit, complete with dress shoes, with his black with some specks of gray hair naturally down, but still not disruptive in a professional environment. He stepped into the room as the editor turned to face him as he got out of his chair, opening his right hand as the businessman did the same to greet each other when he made eye contact with his brown eyes while firmly shaking each other’s hands.

    (Editor) “Mister Krystian Atkinson.”

    Both of them soon let their hands go.

    (Krystian) “Are the info on the junior pilots finished?”
    (Editor) “Just got it done sir. I got as much info as I could. They are ready to be published to the archives with your approval.”
    (Krystian) “How much is missing?”
    (Editor) “The Tigron girl has some missing info. Because Tigron was able to purge their systems of all of their data, I was unable to get all of the info. Aside from her though and some information I can’t get a hold of, everyone else is done.”
    (Krystian) “What kind of info?”
    (Editor) “Personal life stuff for some of the pilots.”
    (Krystian) “Very well, it is not necessary to get every minor thing.”
    (Editor) “Anything else you need done before this gets archived?”
    (??????) “I just need to look at the info myself before it gets published.”

    Another man was standing at the doorway and much like Krystian, he was in a business suit and dress shoes himself. His black hair was combed back as he kept his appearance as professional as possible. He walked forward to Krystian and made eye contact with him with his lavender eyes and as Krystian turned to face him, he kept his own pure brown eyes on the man before him as they both shook hands before letting go again and spoke to each other.

    (Krystian) “Mister Tarvus Orcorus.”
    (Tarvus) “Mister Atkinson, it’s good to see you. Has our editor finished his job?”
    (Krystian) “Yes sir, he just finished the bios on all of the junior pilots. He is ready to publish them once you get a look at them.”
    (Tarvus) “Anything I should know before I do?”

    Krystian cleared his throat before proceeding.

    (Krystian) “There is some missing info for the Tigron girl. Tigron was able to purge their systems before the editor could get his hands on it. However, the editor has gotten the important bits for her and was able to fill the blanks with them. There are some personal bits about some of the other junior pilots our editor couldn’t get a hold of either, but it shouldn’t be much of a concern.”
    (Tarvus) “I see. It is not necessary at this point. Good work.”
    (Krystian) *sigh* “It was also a very dangerous call to keep the season going and not expelling that girl sir, even after that race at Kyoto. A lot of pilots got hurt on that day and it was only thanks to ‘them’ that all of the pilots were saved. Not to mention how many spectators got hurt by her as well.”

    Tarvus nodded as he replied, straightening his collar and tie as well.

    (Tarvus) “I personally made sure that Tigron and their sponsor, the BSV, were dismantled. They shouldn’t be anyone’s problem anymore.”
    (Krystian) “Let us hope so. I would like the next season for the junior league to go more smoothly and never see them again.”

    The Dane tucked in his collar a bit.

    (Tarvus) “I will make sure it does. Now, about the bios.”
    (Editor) “Here they are sir.”

    The editor placed his hands before the screens as they floated towards him. He then floated his hand over the first screen before he gave it a tap. The two race commissioners as well as the editor began to examine the bios before them…
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