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    Author's Note: Now here's a surprise, the WipeoutZone Home Page has been restored, courtesy of @infoxicated and I will continue this fiction, even add more info to it and expand the story with the next season.

    Chapter 18


    Name: Zhen Guan

    Gender: Female

    Birth: June 20, 2200

    Birthplace: Hong Kong (China)

    Age (Currently 2215): 14

    Nationality: Chinese

    Origin: China

    Race: Asian

    Language Spoken: All

    Religion: N/A

    Height: 4’7”

    Hair Color: Pale White

    Eye Color: Green


    Occupation (Before AG-Pilot): Test Subject

    JX350 IDF: GUAN0620.2200

    Team: EG-X

    Position: Secondary Pilot

    Pilot Rank: Junior

    Region Reputation: Asia

    Squad Teammates: Xiu Bai (Chinese), Xue Lee (Chinese), Mikael Repo (Finnish), Yuen Chang (Chinese), Gabrielle Zuzovnitch (Polish)

    Team Loyalty: High

    Allies: None, though she and her squad mates have collaborated with the other junior pilots at one given point.

    Rivals: FEISAR (though Zhen has no quarrels with them) and Polina Petrov (Bulgarian/Tigron).

    Medals: Gold: 0, Silver: 2, Bronze: 11

    Sponsors: N/A

    Favorite Event: Time Trial and Detonator

    Favorite Track: Any

    Leagues Completed: JX350

    Character Traits: Disciplined, Emotionless, Intelligent, and Obedient


    Awareness: 10/10

    Aggression: 4/10

    Consistency: 10/10

    Reaction/Reflexes: 8/10


    The AG-racing leagues have seen its fair share of unusual pilots on the grid. Whatever it is EG.r’s – now EG-X after their merge with Finnish team Xios – augmented pilots of Paul Cheung and Alex Reece, or the ironic pilot line-up of Russian pilot Platon Dhavoric racing for the American Auricom team and Canadian Rory Pinewood racing for the Russian Qirex team, the AG-racing leagues have had some unusual pilots race for various teams. No doubt that these pilots have caused some eyebrows to be raised or even controversy amongst racing fans and team officials. While there have been a number of unusual pilots on the grid, some never caused any kind of problems but rather became popular. A good example is Wolfgang Van-Uber, who became a champion for FEISAR before setting his own team up during the F9000, which still in existence as a junior team to this day. Another great example is the Miracle Eight – consisting mainly of Americans and Japanese teenagers – winning the JX350 outright and were able to show that a racing team doesn’t always need a French pilot to win championships. However, the most unusual pilot didn’t come from them but rather from EG-X. Zhen Guan is the most unusual pilot of the grid who has played a role in the JX350 for EG-X being one of the most passive pacifist pilot on the track, who was consistent with her results throughout the inaugural season of the JX350 but never won a single gold medal despite this.

    Much like every test subject, Zhen was born artificially – or created for that matter. Zhen was known as Subject 9436 before she was given her name. Much like Xiu Bai, who was born in the same fashion, Zhen is a cyborg and her cybernetic body would grow with her. Unlike Xiu, Zhen doesn’t have the same intelligence or strength as her. Still, she was still smart enough to the point where she can solve many equations within a few seconds and her strength and agility grew through learning many fighting styles such as martial arts. Where Xiu’s testing process was accelerated thanks to her supercomputer intelligence and strength beyond human, Zhen’s testing process was normal like most other test subjects. And unlike Xiu, who would go very in-depth when solving a problem, Zhen would only show the work to the scientists. No words were needed from her, only results showed that she was indeed a lot smarter than the average human. Even a scientist pointed out that her I.Q. is at least one hundred points higher than the average human. Zhen was also put through many test regarding her body strength and durability was able to pass them with flying colors without showing no signs of trouble. Some scientists have said that she is the subtle version of Xiu. It was then that scientist began to search for a name for her and while many scientist began to come up with different names, it was Zhen who decided on her name herself when she wrote her name in various languages, in which she was able to learn herself as she spoke for the first time. After watching Zhen use many devices with ease and learning rather quickly within just a few minutes, it was then clear to the scientists what Zhen should be doing, flying an AG-craft.

    Zhen was quick to be paired with Xiu Bai and Xue Lee to form EG-X’s new junior racing squad, Xios, the same name used when the Finland part of the team was still a junior team back in the F7200 years. Paired with professional third pilot Gabrielle Zuzovnitch as their instructor, the girls underwent a lot of flight training to prepare for the upcoming JX350 league. When Zhen flew for the first time, her movements were very passive. She never made any kind of aggressive moves during flight training, always staying on the optimum racing lines presented to her. Her consistency was well noted, but what about with other competitors around her? How would she fare against them? She was soon put against her teammates in a three way race on various tracks and it was well noted that Zhen would always be the last in half of the races she took part in. However, luck would seem to be on her side during these races as Xue’s aggressive behavior would cause her to lose focus and fly into walls or drift away from the optimum racing line, leaving second place open to Zhen. And a missed plasma bolt by the aggressive Chinese pilot forcing Xiu to move away from the racing line during a race gave Zhen an opportunity to pass her up and beat her. It was an interesting turn of events for the young Chinese girl, but how would she fare against the other pros?

    Zhen, along with Xiu and Xue, were soon introduced to Mikael Repo and Yuen Chang of EG-X’s professional team. While Chang showed his courtesy to the three Chinese girls and welcomed them with open arms, Mikael looked at them with doubts, even going as far as saying that they are unfit to race – which would prove to be slightly true in the JX350. It was then that Chang – with Gabrielle’s permission – decided to pit Mikael against the girls in various races. Mikael raced against the three young Chinese girls and while he won his fair share of races, Mikael’s overconfidence would cause him to make a mistake or two, allowing Zhen – who was flying passively behind the Finnish pro – to slip by him on two occasions and take two wins off of him, embarrassing the lead professional pilot, for only a short moment. It wasn’t the most exciting thing to see, but impressive nevertheless for a junior pilot. Thanks to Zhen’s passiveness, she would be the pilot for Time Trial and Detonator events.

    When the JX350 began, Zhen scored fifth in her first Time Trial event and third in Detonator, netting her first bronze medal. However, Zhen seemed to fall back to the mid-pack after that, but made a comeback on week eight to win another bronze to wrap up the Venom series. Then she was able to start the Flash series strong with a silver and bronze in Time Trial and Detonator respectively on Moa Therma, but wasn’t able to score another medal for the remainder of the series. The enigma with Zhen is that despite her consistent racing lines, perfect laps, exploiting shortcuts whenever possible during Time Trial events, and destroying all possible mines and bombs on the track during Detonator events, she never won a single gold medal. Some race analysts suggests is her competition were learning from her and were taking advantage of it. Other have said that she isn’t putting as much effort into the events where it should count and she is holding her true self back. Either way, she was able to do well in the Virtual series where she really shined, with third place on average across all Detonator events she took part in. Race analysts suggests if she would put more effort into her races, she could dominate her competition.

    While Zhen was racing on the track many rumors about rivalries between her and the competition have sprung up, but were never true. Many have suspected a rivalry between her and Yin Ruan of Goteki would spark a fierce rivalry as both were competing in the same events and the fact that the Chinese/Finland team would be on Goteki’s target list during races, but not once they’ve created a scene between each other. Some have said it was because of their similar native nationality that the two Chinese girls never sought to outdo each other nor create rumor mill against the other. Nicolo Testa, the team head of FEISAR, was notorious for his outbursts towards EG-X and unfortunately Zhen was not exempt from this. However, Zhen seemed to be interested in why Nicolo was directing his hatred towards her. She researched on this and after time in looking into the matter, Zhen never had a problem with him either. Only a curious head tilt would be seen from her as she continued to research Testa as she raced on the track. However, she would have one rival to deal with.

    When the Rapier series began Bulgarian-based Tigron Enterprises, a team that caused many nightmares for the racing sport, made their appearance on the track in a while, bringing them their lead pilot from the same country Polina Petrov, backed by the BSV, Bulgaria’s sporting channel and Tigron’s sponsor. It was believed that Polina would be doing a lot of damage on the track and her personality and her violent act against her competition during the race at Metropia showed. Zhen Guan was never the one to start a rivalry between anyone, but Polina would be the one to make sure that nobody would go unchecked, not even Zhen. For the first time, she would have someone to deal with. Zhen continued to use her consistency as her means for success and it showed well as Polina could never beat her records. It was also noted that Zhen was doing something different for the first time, keeping an eye on the Bulgarian team and their pilot. Why she was doing this was unknown, but some suggested that she was gathering data on her, which would prove to be handy during the Phantom series, when a weakness was discovered in the Tigron Bull ship.

    When the discovery was made, EG-X found the perfect opportunity to strike. Zhen then received the order from her team to find some help to eliminate Tigron from the competition, permanently. She didn’t have to put a lot of effort into looking as the Miracle Eight sent out private invitations, a call for a union to destroy the Bull craft. Zhen and her teammates wasted no time into accepting their invites and when they arrived at the Amphiesum located near Las Vegas, Nevada, they got together with the popular group to plan out the way to destroy the Bull craft. Zhen would be gathering more data again, but it was something that she was used to. Throughout their time at the Amphesium and soon Tech De Ra, she was able to gather a massive amount of data for the junior pilots to use against Tigron. Which soon culminated into the Bull’s destruction during the final tournament race of the Phantom series.

    Much like everyone else, Zhen was soon in the pack for the Season Finale Tournament for the first JX350 season and to everyone’s surprise she did well, scoring a number a good number of points for her team. Maybe luck was on her side this time around, maybe she was using the data she gathered throughout the season. Either way, her performance was clear for everyone to see and no matter how lucky she got, she did well. Many race analysts have said if she is going to beat her competition, she would need to step up her game. With the next season of the JX350 coming up, and a new line of pilots coming into play, she has been putting a lot of time into practicing her flying. Whatever it will be helpful in getting a gold medal is anyone’s guess, but only time will tell if this would be the case. Zhen is preparing herself again but how she would prepare is anyone’s guess. Only the next season of the JX350 will show if her training would pay off.
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