I was hoping once I showed up for the first time in...Forever it would actually be in regards to something like...new Fan-art or something more positive...

But That isn't the case...I've already searched around the forums for identical questions but could not really find something close to my current problem.

That problem being when I try to start WipEout HD, it freezes at the main menu. The music keeps playing but the game freezes, it's happened once or twice but I suspect it's been that was because I'm stuck with a younger sibling who keeps turning off the system without doing a proper shutdown.

So I have to sit through a system restore...I'm suspecting he's even turned it off during that with ZERO regard because...that's how he is (*growls*)

So...I'm asking for what I could/should do.

I've considered deleting it, and re-installing but but I'm wanting to be sure on how to go about that since A - I want to keep the saves and 2, I want a situation where I can still keep getting trophies since there's plenty I've yet to get.


I FINALLY get a replacement controller and wanted to play and then this happened...on top of...things going on as of late, to say I'm displeased would be an understatement.

So...can anyone please help?