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Apologies for confusion re what you were talking about. We will be implementing a "first person" / strapped to the front of the craft Cam / Mad Max, Fury Road Cam ;-) over the coming months.

re "Boot Cam", I had to check this myself as I was sure I had heard of the view you describe being referred to as such. Not easy to find but here's one example to prove I'm not going mad:

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The view where you don't see any of your own craft, just the track in front of you [nose cam if you like...if it were Boot cam it would be reverse view lol ]
If you fire up WO HD, you have 3 views... Far ...slightly back and overhead of your own craft, Near ...closer, and more level horizontally to your own craft but still slightly above, and First Person view where you don't see your craft at all, and you are looking at the track as you would be if seated in the cockpit of a AG craft....this last one is the view requested ... see video below..... it's also the same racing view that has been available on every Wipeout, and the one used by most of the old time wipeout players, as it is the most immersive.

You should try racing in this view in 3D... Amazing!

As far as I remember, the only wipeouts that had the internal view with the sort of outline of the shape of the cockpit and some sort of mock up of a control panel in front of you were definitely wipeout Fusion, and possibly WO3....either way I never used those views, and that's not the race view I mean, that view obscured too much of the track, it was almost like losing peripheral vision.