Message from Andrew over on the Formula Fusion forums - new versions coming in for both current owners and TPP members:


We are about to release a significant update for you Friday (19th of February) on STEAM. It will signal the start of our next and much more vigorous phase of development as we bring tracks up to Alpha (60% complete) along with gameplay and handling.
We still have a long way to go but we have invested a lot of time in getting back up to speed in terms of technology and implementation of all the main features including multiplayer. Multiplayer will roll out in the coming months to test pilots initially.
Anyway - thanks for remaining patient. We understand your frustrations – so let’s kick things off with something positive;
The update on February the 19th will give you:

·A new track – NIAGARA GP (Alpha);
·A new Craft;
·New SFX;
·Updates to MANNA HATTA – previously NY. (these will mainly be visual, based on feedback – the track will evolve through the Test Pilot programme);
·Introduction to the Garage (with placeholder menu system);
·Refined handling;
·Refined AI.


·RED ROUTE* tracks of the first in-game tracks: MANNA HATTA, ATLAS TORRES, NIAGARA GP and FIAR FURY will be made available to you for test purposes.


These are base tracks stripped back in terms of content with base functionality and a base environment blockout. This is so we can track performance profiling and compile changes quickly. Changes, based on feedback and assessed by our internal QA will be made to these tracks throughout Early Access – at various points these changes will then be fed through to the Alpha Builds we have. For simplicity and ease of building - these tracks will have a simple shader applied. Game features will be colour coded according to functionality.

TEST PILOTS (Test Pilot Programme Members)

First of all – I appreciate how frustrated you must feel and I understand that some of your frustrations may have turned into feelings of anger and disappointment. Criticism galvanises us and we are stronger because of it and I hope our response will go some way to reinvigorate your faith in us - If not now, then as you start to see things come together. Just to reiterate, we are in EARLY ACCESS, which means everything is open to tweaks and changes.

On the 19th of January we are opening our doors to you to become part of our team, properly as we always intended.
We have brought in people to help us manage this process and hopefully we won’t be as stretched as we were – but let’s take things one step at a time. Hopefully we can actually start to grow this with you now.
Test Pilot Forums will be officially opened here: on the 19th of February. If you are a test pilot member/ QA or part of the Kickstarter community, you will be sent an inviteto join our exclusive forums to provide your feedback. Don’t worry if you are part of the Early Access community on Steam and want to contribute – we will offer you an opportunity to join the Test Pilots shortly.

We will be in touch.
Best wishes,