Right, so I was having a chat about team allegiance late into this Friday's Flyabout get-together - a string of unusually decent results in an Icaras putting doubt into my zealous Faith in Harimau
And Knux sent this brilliant message in chat - 'Goteki forever!'

And from there sparked a ridiculous(ly good) fan-fic idea...
Picture scene:

"Following its destruction in 2137, the island of Makana was left a wasteland. As the survivors slowly and quietly rebuilt brick by brick, the scandal of the F9000 league plunged the world into the Dark Days.
Throughout the people's struggles, crime syndicates reigned, running rampant and unchecked on the island for too long, dousing the flames of hope that life would be the same again.
But out of the darkness rose up a phoenix. The one thing that could bring change and prosperity back to the island... protecting the people, standing as a vanguard for all Makanians!

Goteki 45!

Shamed by their dark past as the most violent AG team in the F7200 league, the Goteki 45 Vigilante Squad now stand as paragons of justice for the citizens of Makana.
Not the heroes the city deserves... but totally awesome all the same."

(By the way, for those who don't get the reference? What Knux said sounded like that one film from the 90s, Batman Forever...)