I agree, the aesthetics really bring back memories. Itís funny how popping polygons and pixelated textures make the game feel very close to the PS1 titles already. The PS1 also always rendered gradients with transparency uncommonly. Kind of noisy. Could fit well here as well. Then all whatís left to do is is bring back the jittering polygons

I could imagine some more geometry (ventilation, stairways, bridges, antennas, smaller buildings etc) and texture variety on some parts. Some more complexity should not get in the way of PS1-aesthetics, I image. As long as thereís enough room for imagination (which is given by the low-res textures anyway). But hey, thatís just personal preference. The whole thing already feels like what Wip4out may have become if the PS1 was still around. So I donít want to sound nit-picky. Keep up the good work, seriously