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    Default BallisticNG - Releases

    DOWNLOAD HERE (link is always up to date with the latest version)

    In this thread you can find a list of downloads for the game in order of release. Links listed below can also be manually found on the game's github release page. The game's repo is currently not available. It will be available again in the future with online and third party source code stripped.

    It is highly recommend you download the Steam version of the game as this will grant you access to online features and also keep you up to date!

    The exact dates of the first few builds were not tracked, that's what UNK indicates.

    APR 2015 - BallisticNG Physics Test 3.1

    UNK 2015 - BallisticNG Alpha 0.02
    UNK 2015 - BallisticNG Alpha 0.02 (reduced geometry for low-end machines)
    UNK 2015 - BallisticNG Alpha 0.03
    UNK 2015 - BallisticNG Alpha 0.03a
    SEP 2015 - Wipeout 20th Anniversary Edition
    DEC 2015 - BallisticNG v0.1 (all ships test build)
    JAN 2016 - BallisticNG v0.1_1
    FEB 2016 - BallisticNG v0.15 (0.2 pre-release)
    MAR 2016 - BallisticNG v0.2
    APR 2016 - BallisticNG v0.3 (BETA 1)
    APR 2016 - BallisticNG v0.3_1

    These builds are no longer available

    MAR 2016 - BallisticNG v0.2 (built by Aidan)
    APR 2016 - BallisticNG v0.3 (built by Aidan)
    JUNE 2016 - BallisticNG v0.4 (built by Aidan)
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