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    Hi there, still very new to the forum. Thought I'd kick things off with a bit off interesting news regarding Wipeout 2048 (I couldn't see anywhere else where this has been mentioned, so apologies if this old news). A hack/expoit was discovered recently that lets you play Wipeout 2048 on a PS Vita TV (or whatever they're called these days) so you can play the game on your big screen TV. Unfortunately Sony have since released a firmware update that has patched the exploit away, but if you're still on the old firmware, this should (in theory) work for you. The video below shows it working and there are other videos on YouTube that explain how to get it working.

    Like I mention in the comments of this video though, why don't Sony want people playing this on Vita TV? Why doesn't it work straight-out-of-the-box? The touch screen controls are obviously not a problem and are easily navigated around using a Dualshock 3 or 4. The game seems to run perfectly and looks amaze-balls on a big screen. It makes absolutely no sense why Sony would want to deny Vita TV owners the chance to play it. I can sort of understand them wanting to stamp out any hackery type shennanigans on the console, but when it's proven that the game will run without issue on it, why would you then not make it officially available, particularly as it'd be a big draw for some people? I mean, I've got no interest in buying a regular Vita, handheld gaming isn't something I ever do, (unless it's a game of Advanced Wars on the GBA emulator on my phone on the very rare instance I'm using a bus or train), but if I knew I could play Wipeout 2048 on the Vita TV, without the need for using any exploits, I'd rush out and buy one right now.

    Why Sony, why?!?

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    We already have a thread for this. Please use the search function from now on.

    However, is that your own video? If so, then have you tried hooking it up to a video recorder like what Hellfire has?
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    Please continue the discussion in the thread linked above

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